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Never forget again

The reminder that just keeps reminding! Scramble to your watch to silence these intrusive notifications.

Stay active, be healthy

No more personal responsibility! You'll now be constantly reminded to stand up and move around.

Powered by you

Forget empty branding promises, this thing is powered by awesome (you), and we stand by that.

Leave your phone

And you wont be able to use the app! Make sure you have the phone within close proximity at all times!


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We'll be launching our new site in the coming weeks. Hit the form below to get notified as we launch. Thanks for your interest!


Meet Foundry, your new best friend.

Screenshots for days

Utilize the near infinite number of Apple Watch mockups to showcase your app in clear context. Thank god for Dribbble, huh?

Call off the search

This is it, that perfect template you've been looking for. It's well built and sharp looking, goodbye competition!