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Example of animation designed for B2C and made by market engine ltd

Philips: Sense and Simplicity

Royal Philips Electronics™ is one of the world's biggest electronics companies with a turnover of €21 billion.

"Our route to innovation isn't about extra complexity - it's about simplicity, which we believe will be the new cool." 
- Gerard Kleisterlee, president & CEO

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Disruptive Software

Software sector

UCRM is a high-tech start up that, together with Market Engine, co-created Venture, a customer tracking product similar to SalesForce and Zoho. However, unlike its competition, Venture does not have huge monthly running costs.

The software is so popular, that it is now UCRM’s primary product. 

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TGI Fridays

HAND-CRAFTED look but easily updatable

"We want a new hand-crafted look for the website and filled with big, mouthwatering photos of Fridays food, drink and fun. It needs a responsive design to allow the site to perform seamlessly on everything from smart phones to tablets to desktop computers."
- Darell Wad, Commercial Manager

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Finance Tools

Finance Sector wanted a website to help landlords work out potential profits after the stamp duty increase in 2016. The site allows you to enter your financial data and then it crunches out a projection over ten years.

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Disruptive Services

property sector

We helped to develop the Just599 brand of fixed fee estate agents.  This particular sector has been dominated by bloated estate agents for many years and Just599 is one of a handful of agents who now provide all their services for a fixed fee.

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Engaging Content

Security Sector

Creating content is easy, making it engage is the difficult part. Market Engine has many years of experience creating content that is concise and easy to absorb, even when the subject matter is technical.

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Global Asiatic

Ecommerce Sector

Global Asiatic is a powerful example of how quickly Market Engine can create a web presence. Although Global Asiatic, who sell lacquer, jade and jewellery from Asia, will be launching later this year, they still wanted a holding page. We took the opportunity to demonstrate just how quickly we can create a we presence – less than 20 minutes in fact.

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the worlds biggest services company

We have been a marketing consultant for Schlumberger since 2007.  We provide expertise on many aspects of internal communications including their intranet content, video & photography, design consultancy, financial data presentation and survey & quality improvement services.

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Social Media Content

With social media, the initial audience is wide and deep, so you must determine who needs your product or service and then get their attention. That’s where Market Engine can help as we are experts in targeted and engaging marketing. 

With we created a YouTube video that explains the process of buying a property in a way that is both simple and engaging. Click on the video to see for yourself just how Market Engine can take a complex subject and make it simple to follow and appealing. 

Market Engine wrote the script for then video, chose the voice over artist, created the animation in house, posted it in Youtube and ran the Pay-Per-Click campaign to promote it. 

SPE Exhibition Animations

Unlike B2C consumer products which are largely standardised, B2B products and services are often industrial and extremely complex and bespoke.  As a result, the B2B sale is often a ‘technical sale’. We understand this at Market Engine and we are experts at producing marketing materials suitable for technical audiences for high-end industrial organisations such as the world’s biggest oil services company, Schlumberger. 

The video opposite was designed to be played on Schlumberger’s stand at a recent B2B exhibition in Singapore.

Background Image
Background Image

Engage the Audience

It is easy to film people talking to the camera, what is more difficult is getting anyone to watch it.  At Market Engine, we use on-location filming and state-of-the-art post production techniques to raise the visual and audio quality to an extremely high level.  In this example we have used a number of site visits to network rail simple for cut-away scenes and used subtle music - plus a range of compositing layers and CGI all of which help to get the message across.

August 30

A Message of Simplicity

Article Image

Although Philips was respected for its commitment to quality, the brand was seen as 'traditional'. This was partly because Philips has been present in some markets for more than a century!

In an attempt to rejuvenate the brand, the company launched a global campaign called 'Let's make things better', which replaced the 26 different slogans used by Philips in different markets. The objective of the campaign was also to project Philips as a company that used technology to improve people's lives. We focused on conveying that Philips technology could improve people's lives and also improve the world.

At Market Engine, we believe that you should position your brands so that they are perceived by the customer as occupying a distinctive niche - a niche not occupied by any other brand. With 'Sense and Simplicity', we aimed to associate the Philips brand with simplicity. The team at Market Engine was involved in various print campaigns, POS items and 3D animation to help with the ‘simple’ transformation message. The new positioning gave customers a distinctive image of a sharper, more focused enterprise, which - throughout the company's activities in technology, healthcare and lifestyle - is held together by a common drive to deliver intuitive end-user experiences.

In addition to the global advertising campaign we helped Philips relaunched the company website Following extensive research and examination of its web services across users, the site has been completely redesigned to deliver a more engaging, user-oriented experience, fully in line with the Simplicity concept. The new site ties together 56 specific country sites and offers information in a total of 30 languages. 

Philips sales have risen year on year as the ‘transformation’ program of friendly simplicity has really hit home with consumers. Philips is now not only perceived as a trusted and reliable company, but its brand is now associated with cutting edge design that are intuitive and engaging.

Product Development

  • Product

    New product development is an important way for businesses to stay ahead of the competition and continue to appeal to the changing needs of existing customers. Development can also open up new marketing channels and help to increase market share

     Developing new products or modifying existing products so they appear new, and offering those products to current or new markets is the definition of product development strategy. There is nothing simple about the process. It requires keen attention to competitors and customer needs now and in the future, the ability to finance prototypes and manufacturing processes, and a creative marketing and communications plan.

  • Evolution & Revolution

    Product evolution strategies are generally aimed at existing markets, although a side benefit may be the capturing of new users for the new product.  Revolutionary products are those for which there was no real prior need. Computers and cell phones are good examples. Before these products appeared on the market, consumers did not know they needed them.

  • Marketing

    Creative marketing and a clear communications plan are essential to getting your product noticed by your intended market. We can help with the initial 'toe-dip' right through to full product launch using multiple marketing channels. We can help with creating and running your advertising campaign to generate greater brand awareness or  help  implement a short-term promotion.

  • Analysis

    Whatever strategy is employed, the new product development process must be carefully thought through and requires constant analysis along the way. This helps evaluate whether the process should be continued. If a company is in the process of developing a new product and a competitor beats that company to market with a similar new product, the company must make a "go/no go" decision about its own product development options. .

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Andrew Garmal
(the 'do it like this' guy)

Andrew founded Market Engine in 2006 and since then it has evolved into the current marketing company that we see today. His philosophy for marketing is simple -
‘Quality & Creativity’ – and that is the underlying philosophy at Market Engine.

Damian Piesse
Director Marketing and Business Development 
(the 'just one more thing' guy)

With 20 years of experience behind him, Damian is the firm’s business development and creative engine and has a talent for marrying customers’ needs to the very latest technology. He knows everything about marketing and communication and is responsible for capturing and retaining all of Market Engine's clients. 

Deanna Herum
Analysis Director
(the 'how it'll work' woman)

Together with Damian, Deanna provides strategy, analysis, and oversees customized SEO campaigns for all clients. She is an expert in Search Engine Marketing with enormous experience in Search Engine Optimization and Paid Advertising (PPC). Having earned a BA in Media, Deanna joined Market Engine in 2009.

Mike Adams
Technical Manager 
(the 'I can make it work' guy)

Mike keeps a finger on the online-marketing pulse, ensuring that Market Engine remains at the cutting edge of the industry – and passing on the benefits of our knowledge to our clients. Mike graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Computer Science. He brings over 15 years of experience to the Group, and an intense passion for all things techie related.

Kat Long
Developer Manager
(the 'it will work like this' woman)

Kat is our senior programmer in charge of our work in ecommerce implementation and software development. She joins Damian in areas like web design, graphic design, and animation, and Mike in hosting and web-based promotion and optimisation.  She has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and brings more than 10 years of experience in Information Technology development.

Jake Smithson
Communications Manager
(the 'why not try it this way' guy)

Jake has mastery of marketing communications including content development and dissemination, branded messaging, blogging, market research, social media, video production, and media relations. Jake has several authored books, hundreds of magazine articles, served on the editorial staffs of lifestyle magazines, and is our resident expert for technical and training documentation.