What do we do?

Welcome to Market Engine Ltd, we do lots of different things but essentially all of our creations are designed to hang off a webpage. Your website can be enriched with video and animation both of which we do in-house. We don't neglect the world of print either, we have experts in printed media design, layout and content.


Packages to Suit Your Needs


Our 'Ignition' package is ideal for high-tech start-ups who need to get their communication and marketing streamlined and up and running with minimum fuss. Ignition will give you all the internal and external communication tools that you will need.

Ignition Plus

'Ignition Plus' is designed for new companies that need to sell products online with an e-commerce solution. Products can be added, prices can be edited and all orders are processed through the very reliable google checkout service.

Get Started

We know that starting a company can be daunting enough, but Market Engine can really help with the process - in fact we created a special package just for start-ups called 'Ignition'. We have many years of experience with start-ups. We are made up of talented consultants who have worked with small start-up as well huge blue-chips such as Microsoft, BT, Schlumberger and Diagio and can provide expertise in a huge variety of marketing and communication fields.

Latest Video

Market Engine recently finished a Cable Theft video for Fotech Solutions, who provide a system that can 'hear' events near train tracks such as people walking and especially sounds relating to cable theft. The video was created using our mobile studio to capture the 'talking head' sections at Fotech's HQ, the rest was filmed on location in Wakefield and Doncaster and then compiled in After Effects and Premiere. The budget for this video was actually quite modest and is a great example of what can be created in a month with a budget under £10,000. Please click here to see the video embedded on our video section.

Level Playing Field

The internet is a level playing field - you are competing directly with huge companies. Therefore, your website needs to look its best!


Mobile Web

Because we use the latest web technology, it means that our websites work great on mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.


Completely built with HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.2+ and jQuery.  In English, this means this whole site uses the very latest web technology.

Turn-Key Solutions

We deliver a complete turn-key solution for start ups.  Our Ignition pack will get you up and running for under £1000.