On Location

film where it suits you

No matter where you are located, we can bring our mobile film unit to you and film in nearly any location.  On-location filming brings an added energy and authenticity to the finished recording because it is captured where the action takes place, at your HQ or in the field.  It is almost impossible to create a natural feeling in a studio because it always looks artificial and potential interviewees are away from their comfort zone.


Engaging Content

Editing & Post-Production

Creating content is easy, making it engage with the viewer is the difficult part. Market Engine has many years of experience creating content that is concise and easy to absorb, even when the subject matter is technical.  With our years of experience in snappy editing and elegant post production enhancement, we can can take any content and create something eye-catching.


Disruptive Services

property sector

We helped to develop the Just599 brand (now of fixed fee estate agents.  This particular sector has been dominated by bloated estate agents for many years and Just599 is one of a handful of agents who now provide all their services for a fixed fee.

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Finance Tools

Finance Sector wanted a website to help landlords work out potential profits after the stamp duty increase in 2016. The site allows you to enter your financial data and then it crunches out a projection over ten years.

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Global Asiatic

Ecommerce Sector

Global Asiatic is a powerful example of how quickly Market Engine can create a web presence. Although Global Asiatic, who sell lacquer, jade and jewellery from Asia, will be launching later this year, they still wanted a holding page. We took the opportunity to demonstrate just how quickly we can create a we presence – less than 20 minutes in fact.

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the worlds biggest services company

We have been a marketing consultant for Schlumberger since 2007.  We provide expertise on many aspects of internal communications including their intranet content, video & photography, design consultancy, financial data presentation and survey & quality improvement services.

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2D Animations

With social media, the initial audience is wide and deep, so you must determine who needs your product or service and then get their attention. That’s where Market Engine can help as we are experts in targeted and engaging marketing. 

With we created a YouTube video that explains the process of buying a property in a way that is both simple and engaging. Click on the video to see for yourself just how Market Engine can take a complex subject and make it simple to follow and appealing. 

Market Engine wrote the script for then video, chose the voice over artist, created the animation in house, posted it in Youtube and ran the Pay-Per-Click campaign to promote it. 

SPE Exhibition Animations

Unlike B2C consumer products which are largely standardised, B2B products and services are often industrial and extremely complex and bespoke.  As a result, the B2B sale is often a ‘technical sale’. We understand this at Market Engine and we are experts at producing marketing materials suitable for technical audiences for high-end industrial organisations such as the world’s biggest oil services company, Schlumberger. 

The video opposite was designed to be played on Schlumberger’s stand at a recent B2B exhibition in Singapore.

Background Image
Background Image

Engage the Audience

It is easy to film people talking to the camera, what is more difficult is getting anyone to watch it.  At Market Engine, we use on-location filming and state-of-the-art post production techniques to raise the visual and audio quality to an extremely high level.  In this example we have used a number of site visits to network rail simple for cut-away scenes and used subtle music - plus a range of compositing layers and CGI all of which help to get the message across.

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